Thursday, 19 January 2017

the garden/one wet day


Hi, Bitsnbobs – the Bits with the Bobs hotline, how can I help?

Hi, it’s me.

Bob! It’s good to here from you, BitsnBobs just wouldn’t be the same without you!

No, it would be BitsnBOB, I guess. Is he in?

The gov?


Naye. Only me.

I wanted to talk about the Mue.

Ah, yes? That’s me.

You want me to be a co-curator?

If you would.

I’d like to, but it’s a mess you know.

I know, that’s the whole idea – together we’ll un-mess it.

Could take a lifetime.

That’s how long we’ve got.

Ok, do I get a hat or something?

A badge.

Can I see it?



That’s decided then?

It is.

Ok have a great day.

You too, give him my love.

I will, say hi to the twins.

Wilko, bye.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Occasional Museum.

london town/2015

Em, didn't you promise - on Monday - that yesterday we would see the opening of your museum?

The Occasional Museum of Unexpected Donation?

That's the one.

I did.

Well, It's Wednesday.

My museum is living up to its name.

How come?

It's occasional.

Very, it would seem.

Well i did explain that the museum already existed, it just hasn't been curated.

If exists, why can't we see it.

You need to know where to look.

I think if you want any visitors you need to help us.

Well, there is one exhibit here.

That was a link wasn't it?

It was, but it was also one of the rooms in the Occasional Museum of Unexpected Donation.

it looks like a page of this blog.

Looks like that, but it's part of the Museum, only part.

There's more?

Yes, but i'm trying to set up a partnership with Bob.

Bob of the boxes?

Yes he's going to be co-curator.


It's a Museum of love.

Can we see another exhibit?

Only if you walk into the foyer.

Your museum has a foyer?

Oh yes.

Where ?


The Occ Mue Foyer Exhibit A

Monday, 16 January 2017

A Semantic Choice.

ulli's appt/Cologne/December 2016

The occasional museum of unexpected content.

I beg your pardon?

The occasional museum of unexpected content.

Ah. And?

I’m thinking of starting one.

Can you?

Why not?

Well, you just said;  “I’m thinking of starting one.” Semantically speaking that DOES suggest that there is already at least ONE other somewhere, and there may be copyright issues.

In that case - I can! My semantics were careless…. Ooohh… hang on…. I may call it The Careless Museum of Unexpected Donation.

Content, donation – you need to decide and semantically speaking, ‘careless’, may not be the right word – it could suggest that you don’t care.


I suspect - if you are thinking of becoming a founder - that you DO care?

Dam right sunshine. So what about the Random Museum of Unexpected Content?

It’s really difficult to name a museum I think.

You’re right.

Especially when it doesn’t exist.

Oh it exists- almost - It just hasn’t been curated.

Curated or created?


How about the Un-curated Museum of unexpected Donation.

Too many ‘urn’s.

Get the Thesauraus.

“The fortuitous concourse of atoms”.

Nice, but a bit long.



Misplaced, I quite like that. The Misplaced Museum of Unexpected Donation.

Doesn’t that, semantically, suggest that it’s in the wrong place, or lost?

In a way that irregular doesn’t?


The Irregular Museum of Unexpected Donation?

Is it permanent?

Yes and no.


I’ve got it!! The Occasional Museum of Unexpected Donations.  It’ll be here tomorrow.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Significant Pressure.

late june 2016/garden


I’d say!

It’s October! Or janausary, sorry – January, I’m writing in the back of a car. Depending if you are reading this now – as we write – or then – as it’s posted. Which will be now.

So, tell me why is it October, and why are you writing in the back of  a car?

Well it’s October because it’s about to be November and I’m on my way to London which is in both November and the future.

Who’s driving?

My son and my daughter.


No, ok… my daughter just did a two hour stint and now my son is doing his, which should get us to the boat.

Is that a significant detail?

It would be good, by the way, if EVERY post this (next) year had a signicant detail.

That’s a lot of pressure you’ve just applied.

A significant pressure!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Candles, Cakes and Wishes.

london town/way back

How old is she?


Did you get her a present?

A bike.

Was there a cake?

You bet.



A wish?

Big one.

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