Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Courtyard of Unexpected Donation.

on the front-step/right now/courtyard bench/tomorrow

Hang on… don’t tell me… this is about The Mue isn’t it?

It is!

You’ve had an unexpected donation.

I have! Two!

A special day!

It is!

We should have some exclamations!

We should! We have! We probably will!

Ok, so…where did this unexpected donation occur?

The first - in the courtyard down the road from where the whale was found.

It’s a productive area, by the way…whale, oil, beef, hooked.

I beg your pardon.

It’s Irish.

Ok, whatever. Where are you going to put it?

In the courtyard of course!

The Mue has a courtyard?

It does.

I didn’t know that.

Oh yes, the toilet that could be a fountain.

The ex-toilet that could be a future-fountain.

So, where in the courtyard?

On the bench probably.

There’s a bench?

Of course, it’s stone. The courtyard needs a bit of work, I could do open-air cinema there.

I know!

Monday, 13 November 2017

A Saxophone and a Madonna.


This place is brilliant!

It’s where everything begins and where everything concludes.

The temperature is perfect!

Some people say it is too cold, but I like the edge it gives.

What’s that?

My bag.

What’s it doing?

Waiting to be unpacked, thinking of where it was when it was more packed.

I can see a drum kit.

And a Madonna.

What are you going to do now?

Play the saxophone.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Probable Wisdom for The Mal-informed

There’s a dark corner isn’t there?

Yes, but it’s deep down.

At the bottom?

Yep, one litre down.

You touched?

Yep, sorry.

Can’t move it?


Push it deeper?

Probably wise.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Good films, good coffee, great cake and maybe ice cream.

made locally/yesterday 

Are you drunk?

Might be, what's it to you?.

How can you tell?

This music sounds brilliant!

What are you listening to?

Blue grass country, I wouldn’t normally, I think…

Blue grass is ok.

It is!! And before that I was listening to Neil Young and he is outrageous!!

Old man.

Well, you're not exactly a spring chicken yourself... so... 

Take a look at yourself!

I am! This whole blog is one looooooong stare.

Ok you ARE drunk. How much exactly have you imbibed?

Hang on…..you are assuming I can still count of course… the wine is level, more or less, with the top of the label.

You can still see then – what does it say on the label?


It’s French?

I bought it in France, the woman who sold it to me lost her glasses when she climbed out of the tractor, it was dark... hang on, I need to take off my watch.


No - watch!


Watch what?

Such watch?

Ah…… best film in the world!

And that brings me to this – I hear you are starting a cinema?

I am? Hang on, I need to check if you are me or I thee…. Are you drunk? That was you….

It was?

Yes, are you drunk too?

It’s irrelevant, carry on.

AlmostThat was me….How can you tell?..... and that was you.......This music sounds brilliant! Me .....What are you listening to? You...........Blue grass country, I wouldn’t normally, I think…………..Blue grass is ok…….It is!! And before that I was listening to Neil Young and he is outrageous!!......Old man……..Take a look at yourself!!! I am! This whole blog is one looooooong stare………Ok you’re drunk………….How much exactly have you drunk?...........Hang on…..you are assuming I can still count of course… the wine is level, more or less, with the top of the label. Oh, god! I don’t know!! It’s so complicated!!

Let me do it. … y…. t…. !.....c….oooooooooo. Yep, it's ok.

In that case, i am, i am starting a cinema, and not before time. Do you want to come?

What film are you showing?

We have cake!

And the film?

There might be ice cream and a banjo player!!

The film?

It'll be good!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Sesame Street and The Moon.


Did you see the moon last night?

I always look at the moon, and I always think of…

I’m not interested; I only want to know about the moon.

It was full.

I know.


Describe it for me.

It was moonlike.

That the best you can do?

It was big. Surprisingly so - I came round a corner on the motorway and there it was hanging over the electricity pylons. Shockingly radiant.

It’s always huge on the horizon.

This was huger. Later though it was… well, imagine that you could take it and toss it into a lake and the ripples that spread out from the centre of the splash were silver.

There were a few clouds, i agree.

Or, imagine you were at school and you had taken the teacher’s chalks and tried to recreate it on the blackboard and then you had heard the footsteps of the teacher in the corridor and you quickly tried to erase it with the sleeve of your jacket, but you didn’t have time to fully do so.

You’re asking me to imagine a lot.

It’s good for you.

Hey, that reminds me, do you remember that bit in Sesame Street where the guy sat in his armchair and started imaging?

I do, I love Sesame Street.

It’s not on the list.

By the way, how’s the midnight cinema coming along?

The poster is almost ready.

And the films?

Selected, ready to go.

What’s holding you back?

Equipment, it’s on the way – it’s being smuggled in from the island by agent H.

You’ll let me know when it opens?

You’ll be the first to hear.

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