Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Fourth Floor.

the Mue/Fourth Floor

Hey, you know the Mue?

Of course I know the Mue; I was there only this morning.

How many staircases are there?

Ah, there’s a question; I’m not sure.

At least two?

At least… three or four, I get confused.

Me too.

There’s a corridor.

I know! Is it on the third floor or the fourth?

There’s a fourth floor?


What’s up there?


Saturday, 27 May 2017

The unwinding wind.

here/last night

Last night was good.

Last night was cool.

Tonight’s pretty good too, but last night was what we need to mention.

Because of the wind?

It wasn’t windy at the beginning, not when we opened the bottle of white wine.

I don’t think it was windy when we opened the red either. What about when we lit the fire?

Picking up I think, but to be honest I had drank a bit too much of the white by that stage and I was loosing focus.

Tonight the red is open.

It was left over from last night; I offered them the opportunity to take it home but they declined.

We ate all the chocolate they brought.

That’s normal.

We provided the fruit tart.

That’s not.

It’s a new moon tonight.

And the breeze is picking up.

The moon is beautiful.

The breeze is beautiful.

The guests were beautiful.

Everything is beautiful.

In it’s own way.

Will there be stars later?

Yes, but look at that moon!

It’s new.

It’s pristine.

Can you hear the crickets?

I can, I haven’t lost that much focus.

Sleeping out again tonight?

I will, you?

Yes, as long as the wind, winds down.

No fire tonight.

That’s ok, they’ll be one tomorrow.

Guests coming?

It's mother’s day, three of them.

I might go to the pictures.

The cinema?

The movies.

Light the fire before you go.

I will.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Uncertain Inevitability of Most Things.


Listen. Do you hear it?

An interwoven silence of bird song and bee buzz? Yes I do.

There’s something else.

That distant hum, a plane maybe?

And the breeze amongst the leaves.

There’s a branch softly scraping across the tin roof.

And the pad of the cat’s foot upon the moss covered wall.

You can hear that?


Going to stay here long?

I’m tempted; I could doze.

It’s gone ten.

It’s a holiday.

What the hell for?

Jesus I think.

Aren’t you hungry?

A little, more like an interest than a need. Ssssh, what’s that?

Bird wing.



I can hear a cockerel way through the forest on the far side of the valley.

Hey, it would be nice to go up that valley.

It would mean leaving this bed.

It’s inevitable.

That it is not.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A four year old and a frenchman.


That was brilliant.

That was a treat.

First swim of the year.

Many to come.

It was fresh!

It was invigorating!

The body is a tingle!

Talking of tingles, I heard a new word today.

And what was that?


How would you use it?

Well, I’m absolutely draggled; I’ve been through the hedge backwards.

So it’s like bedraggled, only shorter?

Exactly. I have another.

I’m all ears.


How would you use that?

I am oftently in the river.

So it’s like often, only longer?


I’m oftenly draggled.

You’ve got it.

Where do these new words come from?

A four year old and a Frenchman.


A wall near here/Couple of months ago

You’re from Manchester aren’t you?


I thought you were.

You were mistaken.

But you lived there.

I lived there, but I’m not from there.

How long?

Three years.


A long time ago; when the world was a simpler place.

More caring?


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